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Artist Chris Court fell for the beauty of the moor lands when she was a child. Born in Dorset, she would spend many family days admiring the beauty of the moors, so much so, that she now lives on the edge of Dartmoor where she is always on the look out for interesting scenes to feature in her wonderful pieces.


Chris creates her work at home in her summerhouse studio, however, the pieces that she creates are born out in the open where she takes photographs, sketches and records spoken word about the scenes. Using this holistic approach she creates some amazing pieces which she paints from a more emotional grounding to help convey feeling as well as depth, movement and expanse of space.

By using artist quality materials, Chris helps to ensure that if the pieces are properly cared for, their colour and vibrancy will last a lifetime of pleasurable years.


We are delighted to be exhibiting and selling the works of Chris Court here at The Bracken Gallery, some of the pieces we have here include titles such as Dartmoor Storm, Teign Estuary and Summer at Saddle Tor.

Pop in and take a look, allow these beautiful pieces to transport you to a place not too far away! 🙂


For further information about Chris Court please come and see us or visit Chris’s own website at

As lovers of art we are always thrilled to consider working with local artists. It gives us great pleasure to let you all know that we have some superb original seascapes by Teignmouth artist; Catherine Kennedy for sale.

Catherine Kennedys work brings a level of depth and movement.

Catherine Kennedys work brings a level of depth and movement.

Catherine says “My recent work has concentrated on the sea and I have tried to invoke an immersive element to my painting. I am interested in the process of change and development of an image over time.”

The above artist statement encapsulates the original works of Catherine Kennedy perfectly, as the oil on canvas work depicts depth, movement and evolution in a way that is enthralling to the eye. The seascapes are truly stunning and we are delighted to be exhibiting them.

Original Oil on Canvas piece by Catherine Kennedy

Original Oil on Canvas piece by Catherine Kennedy


If you would like to call in to look at these pieces in person please do so, we would love to see you 🙂


For more information on what we offer please visit our website


Richard Thorn is a Torquay born artist who’s works include some stunning seascapes, landscapes and beach scenes. Richard’s work is well known amongst some of the most prestigious galleries in England and we are delighted to announce that we are now displaying and selling some of his work here in The Bracken Gallery.

Richard Thorn artist


Richard Thorn began his career using watercolour as his preferred medium, he would love to paint seascapes, so much of his work is informed and influenced by the sea. Further down the line he began to bring in other mediums including acrylic and inks, this bought more texture and depth to his pieces.




In 2012 Richard was a finalist for Best Selling Artist of the Year and he has exhibited his work in many venues including being invited to take some works that he created in Portugal to stage an exhibition by the Portuguese embassy in London.

Richard Thorn Artist


We are currently displaying some of Richards originals and prints; we are very much looking forward to seeing the reactions to these wonderful pieces. For more information about Richard and his works please visit his website, if you would like to come and peruse his work for yourself please feel free to call in and take a look.